Support contract is necessary. After the successful implementation we do offer reliable and efficient support round the clock for the hotels and other establishments running HotelPlus. Our support service covers the Hardware, network and the system.

It is cheaper for our clients to have a comprehensive support from us since in most cases to the user it is not easy to separate hardware or network from system issues. The comprehensive support give the hotel an assurance that they will be running at all times and incase of any kind of system problem our skilled support stuff and regional agents are always ready 24/7 to offer the valued service.

  • Hardware supplies and networking
  • Software support
  • Support rates


Computer Hardware we supply and support with HotelPlus System

Front Office

LX300+, Acer or HP Desktop systems with 17’ TFT for front office staff and manager.

Bar and Restaurant

LX300+ or Thermo Printer for guest bills, Thermo printers fro Kitchen and Bar Orders, Touch Screen Terminals for waiters ordering, Acer or HP Desktop system with 17’ TFT for Cashier and for Food and Beverage Manager.


Health Club
Thermo printer for Club Members sign in Slips and Payment Receipts. Acer or HP Desktop system with 17’ TFT for the reception or cashier. In some high cost health clubs a touch terminal for members self sign in, card readers for members swiping their cards are used. All possible with HotelPlus SpaSoft Health Club management system.


LX300+ or no printer (if sharing on network) for printing Issues and Purchases Reports, Acer or HP Desktop system with 17’ TFT for storeman issuing and receiving of goods.


Back Office
In most hotel the back office modules is used by the Night Auditor to do nigh auditing and print Revenue Reports. Also used by accounts departments for debtors and control. We usually supply Acer or HP desktops with 17’ TFTs. And a shared printer on the network. The server may be stationed at the back office.


Wireless and Wired Networks
Wireless Networking – D-Link Wireless Adaptors (USB and PCIA) 108Mbps, D-Link Wireless Routers AirPlus 108Mbps, D-Link Access Points G108mbps. Wireless Print Servers, and more. Wired Networking – CNet switches, Cat5e and Cat 6 Cabling, Hubs, Wired Routers and more.


HotelPlus System and other software support

HotelPlus System support and maintenance – in the rare event of system failure, user mistakes, consultations or any other issues to do with data processing using the system, our support staff or regional agents will be available on call or on visitation if necessary.

Computer hardware maintenance and servicing – servicing of computers, UPS, printers and other accessories. The hardware supplied by us are all under 2 year warranty and replaceable by the nearest HotelPlus support agent in the event of hardware problems.

Other software supply and installation – we do insist that all our clients under support service contract use Licensed Software only. The support contract cost is often inclusive of supply, installation and maintenance of licensed Windows OS, Antivirus and Microsoft Office. We don’t support or maintain any unlicensed software, so we make the clients work easy, cheaper and safer by supplying and maintaining only licensed utility software as part of support service.

Network support and maintenance – in most cases we redo the existing network at the hotel if the design, layout or performance at the system analysis stage does not meet the expected pre-installation standards. Once the network is good and reliable, we do support it as well. In most cases we do a neat, seamless and high-speed wireless network to all workstations in the hotel.