About Us

About Cadiff Systems

CADIFF SYSTEMS is a software company specializing in hotel management software solutions. Started in 2004 and based in Nairobi, Kenya.

We took time, actually a lot of time, in R and D, and getting to understand the hotel industry’s software needs and the kind of IT solutions suitable. Then gradually we developed the solution. We do provide a reliable support round the clock. Particularly for this industry (hotels), which unlike most other sectors, do operate round the clock hence the need for efficient systems and reliable support.

Our main objective is to offer effective and affordable solutions to the hotel industry. A sector traditionally dominated by very few and quite expensive systems only used by a few big hotels. This has given us a lead as more industry players in the hotel industry, both large and medium, are using the system. This has also brought the much needed competitive variation for the hotelier in choosing a dependable system solutions service provider and more so an affordable, regional, comprehensive and reliable service. We are indeed closer to you, we listen to you and serve you best.

We believe in continued partnership through efficient and cost effective support service, and flexible purchase and support options.

efficient systems * reliable support *cost effective services * research and development

 Why HotelPlus?

We developed HotelPlus to provide an affordable and reliable software solution option to the hotel industry, meeting both the industry standards and regional expectations such as integration with most commonly used accounting packages locally, integration with KRA devices and customization to regional client needs. HotelPlus system purchase and maintenance costs are much lower than most of the other systems and offers a more reliable regional support and stability, considering the fact that the same industry in some countries obviously have different levels of returns thus different service and solutions costing which may not be in line with regional hotel industry income and expansion plans in Africa. Thus HotelPlus conveniently fills up that vital software solutions need for the new and expanding hopitality chain. HotelPlus meets all industry standards, is user friendly, stable and very reliable developers support. We believe HotelPlus gives the hotel industry the freedom to grow since service costs are very realistic, negotiable and offers the option to choose what best fits you by customizing to your needs.

What makes HotelPlus a wise option ?


HotelPlus system has all the modules hotels need (Restaurant, Bar, Reservations, FrontOffice, BackOffice, Stores, Business Centre, Health Club and Accounts) all in one package. And all these modules are interlinked. Most other traditional hotel systems may not come with all the modules and in cases where they do the modules are not fully interlinked.

Customizable, simple and user friendly

HotelPlus is very simple to use. Users can simply see and click or touch. No commands like F1, F3, ESC, REPEAT etc to be memorized. You just see and click (mouse and touch pad based). Very easy to install, you don’t need CADIFF SYSTEMS or HotelPlus Partner to add another computer to the system network, install another workstations, restore a server etc, you just copy paste and run setup and you are done, it will automatically detect the server.

Developer support

Most systems available are not developed locally, so the best the regional client can get is a reseller’s support. That of course means no clear cut customization possible and sometimes no guaranteed full understanding of the system since the resellers are NOT the architects of the system. With HotelPlus, the actual developers and the R and D Team composed of experienced hoteliers will listen to you and advice straight to the point or customize to exactly what you need. Moreover, in some case how they do certain things in other parts of the world may not be exactly the same as how you do it, so with the some solutions you may have to change and do them their way, while with HotelPlus we do it exactly how you want it.

Compatibility with existing and regionally available hardware

HotelPlus is designed to run on limited system resources while giving optimal results. The database is open source MySQL InnoDB Engine. Simply meaning it uses less system memory and thus does not need any special computers or different ones from the standard ones you already have in the facility. MySQL is free so no need to purchase any database licenses, and MySQL runs on Linux Server so no need for an expensive Windows server. Moreover, in most cases you can still use the same operations computer as the server without system problems as it sometimes is in other systems.

Flexibility to client needs and customization

We do customize to client needs. We have always changed to fit the needs of the management structures already in place.