HotelPlus – Hotel Management System

HotelPlus is a complete hotel industry ERP. The ERP has independent modules or sub systems that can run independently and can also run as one system. This means a restaurant only needs the restaurant module that runs fully and independently while a hotel with bar, restaurant and front office (rooms) using front office system and restaurant system are interlinked. ( Download detailed PDF )

HotelPlus Restaurant

The bar and restaurant billing system. Billing: Create new table bill, add items, send kitchen order (prints direct in kitchen) and bar order (prints direct in bar or cafeteria), print open/interim bills, receive payment, print receipt, and clear bill.

Waiters Touch Terminal; waiters use swipe cards to open their own bills, update by adding items and print open bills, once guest pays takes the payment or signed bill to cashier who clears the bill.

Split bills, merge bills, change bill waiter table etc. At end of shift print cashier summary and End shift.

Signed front office bill posted direct to front office room or account. Several Reports; waiters totals, sales totals, payments totals, departmental sales, voided entries, uncleared bills, credited bills to front office, staff meals totals and more.


HotelPlus Reservations

Receive details of expected guests and book them, then several reports available. Options include Single booking, Group booking etc. Expected arrivals, Cancellations, No Shows, Room availability forecast over a period, future room list and more.


HotelPlus FrontOffice

Compressive, quick and the most user-friendly front office system. Check in guests; from reserved list, express check in (new guest) or on existing account (returning guest). Grid room list, Client Account, Guest personal bills, guest group bills, extras on account, conference billing, guest personal invoice, guest account invoice, group invoicing (vouchers), balance carry forward, payment allocation to vouchers, closing of groups once checked out, paid and fully allocated, archives to retrieve closed vouchers if need be, vouchers/groups analysis; unpaid vouchers, paid unallocated vouchers, allocated vouchers and closed vouchers, guest check out, bills transfers, guest entire account transfer, room move, due out guests, stay overs, fresh check ins, check outs etc, house keeping room status reports; clean, dirty, vacant, blocked and occupied, settings; bill type, rooms, rates, food splitting and much more


HotelPlus BackOffice

This is the core module where all the sales from all the other HotelPlus systems are consolidated to make a Daily Night Audit Report and other back office reports.

Departmental postings by night auditor, Night audit report, room list, food list (splited from rack rate) showing guests and meals to take, retrieve cashier summaries, retrieve night audit, accumulated night audit totals, occupancy statistics, sales segmentation by total and by account types; INDIVIDUAL, CORPORATE, DIPLOMATIC, NGO and TOURS. Debtors, aging debtors; 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and plus 90 days, debtors by account types and, change systems day more.


HotelPlus Stores

All goods coming into the hotel must go through stores first then get issued to the various departments. Receiving of goods, issue to department, and reports of purchase; purchases per item, per item category, per supplier etc, Issues reports – issues per item, per item category, per department. Suppliers list, item categories and more.


HotelPlus HealthClub/ Spa

A complete and comprehensive spa, recreation centre and health club management system. Used by some of the most well equipped gyms in Nairobi. Memberships management, control joining and expiry dates, member renewal, temporary membership freeze, check in, check out, attendance by activity, point of sale for gym t-shirts, shoes etc, special activities management and payment e.g hikes and outings by club members.
Reports; attendance reports – attendance by dates, by activity, by event, by facility e.g aerobics studio, gym, tennis courts etc, memberships reports – members by membership categories, types, daily events etc, group totals and listed memberships reports, financial reports – club revenue projections, total sales per event, per membership Category, per membership type, per outdoor events, per treatment like massage, facials etc, sales totals per massue, per instructor projected from classes attended and much more …


HotelPlus BusinessCentre POS

Point of sales linked to front office at the business centre. Internet, greeting cards, books, news paper, photocopy, printing and other items sales as posted. Signed bills for business centre services posted direct to guest room or account at the front office. Business centre cashier sales report and end of each shift. Accumulated business centre sales analysis and more.